How America is Being Sovietized

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How America Is Being Sovietized – excerpt

By Michael Shaw and Edward Hudgins
November 5, 2005

An unrecognized threat to the liberty and prosperity of each American has spread throughout the country, taking root in every state and county. Its current and most serious manifestation was fashioned by an international organization with the explicit goal of replacing the autonomy of individuals over their own land with a collectivist control system that ultimately destroys the natural rights of each citizen. Its weapons for limiting liberty include councils that are similar to the institution of “soviets” that were pioneered by the communists who once controlled Russia.

And yet most Americans see it as a well-meaning attempt to create a cleaner, better planet.

Agenda 21(pdf) is the guidebook to implementing “Sustainable Development“(pdf) which is a comprehensive concept for human management adopted by the United Nations summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.

The land use element of Agenda 21 is implemented in the United States under labels like “Smart Growth,” “Comprehensive Planning”, “Growth Management,” or “Community Visioning.” It uses American political activists, politicians, academics, government agencies, non governmental organizations, non profits and “collaborative business” to foster a new economic system; so-called “public-private partnerships.”

As a result a new form of governance is emerging that is evolving outside the bounds of the preexisting legal and Constitutional framework. Non-elected councils are intended to manage all private property in real estate and material assets. This restructure is designed to restrict the owner’s rights to the use and enjoyment of his property.

It is crucial that citizens recognize the nature of this threat to American individualism if they are to break political stranglehold that these new soviets place on our liberties. [Must see video: “America’s Choice: Liberty or Sustainable Development“]

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Border Crisis: Catholic Socialist Organizers, Bishops, Religious Orders

Big List of social justice “Catholic” organizations sign letter to bishops, in common cause with Biden’s mass immigration of illegals crossing the U.S. border. Do any of them know that “sustainable development” is a threat to Western Civilization?

Dialogue This! says: The following letter can be found posted online at several Catholic socialist websites that are represented in the massive list below. Decades ago, Saul Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation, a gang of Marxist organizers, infiltrated Catholic churches through the bishops by co-opting Catholic social teaching. The result is the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD). Long story.

KEY WORDS: pathway to citizenship; climate change; sustainable development; United Nations (implied); migrants; immigrants; pastoral solidarity

Migration Letter to Bishops

ENGLISH ONLY — the pdf includes Spanish version Carta a los obispos sobre migracion. *

June 17, 2021 

Dear Archbishops Cabrera López, Jose H. Gómez [Los Angeles], Gonzalo de Villa y Vásquez, Garachana Pérez, and Escobar Alas, 

We are Catholic organizations from the U.S., Mexico, and Central America, working to protect migrants and improve life in the communities they are fleeing. We write to urge you to hear the cries of our brothers and sisters on the move and respond with bold leadership. This summer and fall, we have the best opportunity in a generation to make progress on core Catholic migration priorities. We need your pastoral and moral leadership to meet this moment.  The promise by a new U.S. Administration to address the root causes of migration, treat migrants humanely, and put immigrants who’ve lived in the U.S. for years, and in many cases decades, on a path to citizenship is a unique opportunity to relieve pain and suffering too long endured. This moment requires a whole Church response that is regional, united, and robust. We highlight three areas of great urgency and opportunity:

Is Denver Airport Mural Connected To 2021 United Nations Logo?

This mural is officially titled “Peace and Harmony with Nature” but should be titled “Christ Rejected.” — David Dionisi

“Defeating The Brotherhood of Death” Our Lady’s Victory Edition. David Dionisi. 2016. The Teach Peace Foundation. USA.

Compare the flower in the mural with the U.N.’s flower logo of 2021, below. Is it possible the two are related to our future? Have the mural sponsors, the Brotherhood, in Denver collaborated with the U.N.?

One of the disturbing murals on display at the Denver International Airport.

The “Christ Rejected” mural [top of this page] shows the Antichrist holding a plant symbolizing rebirth. People are happy and seeking to be with the Antichrist. The global population adheres to the Brotherhood of Death Ten Commandments [the Georgia Guide Stones-ed.]. The people in the mural are at an altar, and instead of celebrating the Eucharist, they are mesmerized by a genetically modified plant. Nowhere in the “Christ Rejected” picture is anyone with a Christian symbol found.

The people in the mural appear to react joyfully following the elimination of billions of people [depicted in another airport mural, shown below]. Animals are mixed with humans to create alien species. This abomination is revealed with human faces on the baby tigers. All animals and people in the mural focus their attention on the Antichrist and the GMO plant. The GMO plant is important because total control is achieved with poisoned or weakened food and withholding food from people who refuse to worship the Antichrist. The people in the mural welcome the Brotherhood religion that promotes the individual becoming god.

Defeating the Brotherhood of Death. Page 29.

In 1994 and 1995, the Brotherhood of Death commissioned four nightmarish murals by [artist] Leo Tanguma and had them displayed at the Denver International Airport. The murals communicate the [third secret of] Fatima . . . from the perspective of the Brotherhood of Death.

This Denver International Airport mural shows a ghostly demon soldier awakening to slaughter humanity.

Defeating The Brotherhood of Death. Page 27.

Book excerpt continued — Mothers in a long line hold their dead children in their arms. A dead child hold her teddy bear. A rainbow at the top of the picture transforms into deadly gas and the soldier of death wears a gas mask. He holds a machine gun in his left hand and a scimitar or large curved sword in his right hand. He is trying to kill the dove of peace with the scimitar, a masonic symbol and a traditional Muslim sword.

This Denver International Airport mural shows nature turning on itself and a holocaust striking the earth.

This mural shows the destruction of the world, a “Global Hiroshima,” and the preservation of some life. The girl in the open casket [bottom right corner] is wearing a “Juden” star. She has a rose and a bible under her hand representing a key Brotherhood objective, to secretly eliminate the Word of God. One child holds the Mayan tablet communicating the end of an era.

What has terrorized popes beyond World War III, is the question Jesus posed in the Gospel of Saint Luke: “But yet the Son of man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth?” The 3b Third Secret [of Fatima] tells us almost everyone is deceived. This seems impossible but consider how many people were deceived and applauded Osama bin Laden’s death. A man who had nothing to do with the September 11, 2001 terrorism.

End of book excerpt.

Teilhard de Chardin Influenced United Nations Key Founders, Say Followers

Dialogue This! Hyper-Concern for the Planet is navel gazing. When Is Navel Gazing Harmful? When it distracts the entire population of the planet from Reality.

“With his idea of human consciousness encircling the planet as the noosphere, Teilhard is also credited with anticipating the complex technological connection of human thought now evident in global communications and in the worldwide Internet. His thinking regarding the unity of the human community also influenced several key founders of the United Nations.”

About The American Teilhard Association – United Nations Mission

What Does The United Nations Say About Teilhard?

‘About 100 years ago, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin prophetically wrote the “the age of nations is passed.  If we are not to perish, we must set aside our ancient prejudices, and build the earth.”

‘The French Jesuit philosopher and paleontologist offered this vision of a sustainable future at the zenith of nationalist sentiment, and prior to the two cataclysmic global wars that produced millions of casualties across the globe and the subsequent re-framing of the international political system.’

Source: UN75 – Facing the Challenges of the Future Together.

Dialogue This! Summary of The Conspiracy for World Government Control

  • Convince the masses that humans are dirty and wicked.
  • Human life is to blame for global warming.
  • Man-made global warming is destroying the planet.
  • Exaggerate the cause to fever pitch.
  • Lie, lie, and lie!
  • Elevate the cause to a religious zealotry. There will be believers and nonbelievers.
  • Nonbelievers are to be shunned, cast out, censored.
  • Require religious sacrifices: electric cars, no meat, etc.
  • NEVER tell the masses about the Secret CLUB OF ROME!

Jesuit-United Nations Prayer For The Planet

DIALOGUE THIS! SAYS: The following is an example of modernist Jesuit earth worship aligned with the United Nations:

World Environment Day is celebrated annually on 5 June since 1974 to raise awareness and generate actions on urgent environmental concerns. For this year, this day also formally launches the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030 that calls for actions to reimagine, recreate, and restore in preventing, halting, and reversing the degradation of ecosystems on every continent and in every ocean.

In a World Environment Day poem by Ms Jordan Sanchez, Reimagine, Recreate, Restore, she reminds us that “we are a fraction of a second in earth’s lifetime. Yet she is our only lifeline.”

The global initiative on ecosystem restoration presses for urgent actions as “there has never been a more urgent need to revive damaged ecosystems than now. Ecosystems support all life on Earth. The healthier our ecosystems are, the healthier the planet – and its people.” (UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030)


To join the global celebration of World Environment Day, Ecojesuit shares this brief prayer and message video:

We celebrate World Environment Day and give thanks for our land and our life, for our food and water, and all life that keeps this planet in balance. Today, in times of great suffering and loss, we must be a source of humble compassion and accompaniment for all who suffer.  This compassion and this care must extend to all life as we seek to recover our health and our wellbeing as a people.  Only by embracing the depth of our suffering will we have the strength to change our ways and grow nourishing food, share clean water, remake our cities and gardens, and breathe fresh air. We must end all waste and pollution.  Care for creation is the message of hope and of peace that this generation and all generations need.  We must strive for renewed life together so that World Environment Day is every day.  We are able to be filled with gratitude and compassion, service for all.  Have a blessed day.


Cosmic Freethinking “Sister” Explains It All For You

“Teilhard’s vision of Christogenesis is the Easter message of the Risen Christ . . . To appreciate his vision is to realize the universe in which we live, which can be summed up: We live in an unfinished universe. The universe is still coming into being.

Christic Life In An Unfinished Universe. Center for Christogenesis, formerly known as Omega Center.

Dialogue This! says: I did the research so you don’t have to. Now I have a headache and lost my appetite. Yuck! People like her refuse to acknowledge that (1) bad science is all around us and can kill you, (2) Teilhard was possessed by demons, and (3) Teilhard liked eugenics!

Who is this “protege” of Teilhard? Her name is Ilio Delio. She is the founder of Center for Christogenesis. She writes for the radical “National Catholic Reporter.” She has written seventeen books.

Don’t be judgmental!

Christians are breathing the fumes of history.

ILLIA DELIO Explains “Teilhard’s Vision” For You

  • Why do we need a new God? Because we are restless and we are longing and we need to rediscover God in our own age… Are you ready? What Is God Today?
  • What is evolution? How might we experience it in our own lives? Here, a lot of my own thoughts are inspired by the Jesuit, Pierre Teihard de Chardin, who brilliantly reflected on evolution and faith. 
  • Evolution is a process of increasing complexification and with that complexification we see there is a rise in consciousness.
  • Our old religions no longer satisfy us. They don’t satisfy out deep need for longing, for desire, for that center within us.
  • God is the power of evolution. Our world has rapidly evolved with technology. So, whether or not you want to accept evolution, you are in evolution.

ILLIA DELIO Likens the “Old, Judgmental Church” To Today’s Silicon Valley

  • In past ages, Christianity was a creative force for change; in the 12th century the Vatican was the closest thing to Silicon Valley, initiating social reforms and economic policies that shaped western Europe.
  • Today the church has apparently lost its power to persuade.
  • It continues to issue insightful writings, but they are dead letters falling on blind eyes and deaf ears.
  • The glory days are past and Christians are breathing the fumes of history.
  • In fact, much of Christianity lives on the laurels of history and nostalgia.
  • The church has its head in the sand, imploding from power struggles rooted in fourth century Roman imperialism, while Google is building a new church.

God can emerge in new ways through Teilhard’s ‘Troubled’ Worship

ILLIA DELIO Crystal Balls It

  • Life in the Risen Christ is “transhuman” in the best sense of the word. 
  • Evolution has given us a better world, overall.
  • Teilhard’s Christogenesis is the Easter message of the Risen Christ inscribed on a world in evolution.

ILLIA DELIO Gets Judgmental About Tradition Catholic Religion

  • Christian life cannot be lived out of an old mindset that holds on to grudges, biases, judgments and rejections.
  • Traditional religious life ultimately thwarts the Gospel life rather than expands it.
  • It is based on an outdated theology, an antiquated metaphysics and is ultimately world-denying; for one cannot affirm the world and renounce the world at the same time. In fact, the world is the problem because it is considered a place of sin rather than a work in process.
  • While traditional religious life seems to be saving the Church, it is actually sinking it into oblivion.
  • The illusion of return to tradition is a step toward a sectarian religion. Christianity either exists for the transformation of the world or it does not exist at all. Reconceiving Religious Life in The 21st Century.
  • The Church continues to shield itself behind a wall of medieval theology, even though it expresses earnest interest in the sciences. However, all institutional religions are static and fixed and cannot endure, unless they open up to a God of evolution. Finding Our Way Into A New World.

ILLIA DELIO Embraces The New World Order and New Type of Human

  • We are moving toward a new type of entity, a new world order, a new type of human
  • If we are to move into an integrated world of sustainability, a world of peace and justice, we must bring religion up to speed.  
  • We need a new theology at home in a world of change.
  • I have tried to expound what this means in Re-Enchanting the Earth, but the book cannot be read while looking in the rearview mirror.
  • We must look ahead with open eyes and hearts, to see the crucified Christ struggling in evolution to breakthrough into resurrection, and to know that we are the Christ. Marshall McLuhan: A Prophet of Teilhard’s Vision.

Ilia Delio is a Franciscan Sister . . . and American theologian specializing in the area of science and religion, with interests in evolution, physics and neuroscience and the import of these for theology. Ilia currently holds the Josephine C. Connelly Endowed Chair in Theology at Villanova University, and is the author of seventeen books…

Another student, who matriculated in the course from Wuhan China, quoted Albert Einstein’s letter …

Save The Children Scares The Children

06 Jun2021


In 2020, Save the Children launched a Red Alert campaign to demand that world leaders put children and their rights at the centre of climate discussions, commitments and policies.

Scare The Children: Pope Francis, UN Say Only Ten Years Before Destruction

Just follow the bouncing globe. Oh, and when you see “Laudato Si,” just think “Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.”

Pope: We have little time left to restore the nature we have destroyed

Vatican City (AsiaNews) – “We have little time left” to become a “generation of Restoration” and “restore the nature we have damaged”. Pope Francis issued a strong warning in his message to Inger Andersen, United Nations program for the environment (UNEP) executive director and to Qn Dongy, director general of FAO on the occasion of today’s World Environment Day.

“We have little time left – writes Francis – scientists say the next ten years, the span of this UN Decade – to restore the ecosystem, which will mean the integral restoration of our relation with nature.”

World Environment Day, the Pope adds, recalling what is written about Laudato Sì, “encourages us to remember that everything is interconnected. A true «concern for the environment […] needs to be joined to a sincere love for our fellow human beings and an unwavering commitment to resolving the problems of society”. Today’s celebration, however, “will have a special significance, as it will take place in the year in which the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration begins. 

Despite the concern, however, there is hope. Technology can be directed towards healthier progress. 


Read about the heretic Jesuit — see our Links.

The “Spirit of the Council” nightmare that never ends:
Teilhard de Chardin is what passes for “New Evangelization” in top Roman university